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Spam Filter for Outlook
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SpamBlazer® for Microsoft® Outlook®

SpamBlazer® is the strongest, safest, and most effective anti spam tool in the Market.

SpamBlazer® uses machine learning techniques to extract pertinent rules automatically that dictate the legitimacy of an electronic email or otherwise.

SpamBlazer® understands the chameleonic nature of spammers and stays ahead of them by incorporating new data into its training set and discarding dated data.

Benefits of SpamBlazer®  
  • Theoretically sound spam filtering technology; it is not just another ubiquitous Bayesian based filter. Please see problems with Bayesian based filters.
  • Superb and superior technologies employed - information theory, neural networks, genetic algorithms, simulated annealing, fuzzy logic, and security engineering.
  • Award winning spam filtering technology.
  • Precludes all forms of rigid and tedious rule-based solutions - from keywords, trigger words, simple phrases to complex rules.
  • Detects phishing scams, identity theft and fraud.
  • Reports fraudsters to constituted authorities in your jurisprudence.
  • Moves spam messages automatically to a spam folder.
  • No tortuous licensing schemes and no gimmicky subscription models, either - SpamBlazer® is not just superior technically, but SpamBlazer® is also the cost leader. 6. Each copy is just $35 dollars for both the digital download and for the CD version, available on (, you are entitled to a lifetime updates of the purchased product.
  • Obtain a free trial for 15 days.
  • Installs in minutes and no configuration is necessary. Also, it detects and installs additional Microsoft® redistributable packages that are not installed on computer systems by default.
  • Blocks email addresses, domains, and IP of your enemies, and top-level domains from adversary countries - supports blacklist management.
  • Permits email address, domains, IP addresses, mailing lists and special groups - supports whitelist maintenance.
  • Provides a superior and more elegant "CallerID" like feature - you will always receives legitimate email messages and never received spam messages from incorrigible spammers.
  • Enables you to deal painlessly and effortlessly with spam; no additional software or hardware is required.
  • Ease of use, users or administrators do not have to maintain complex rules.
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