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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for SpamBlazer®
Questions Answers
Which versions of Outlook® does SpamBlazer® support?

SpamBlazer® works with all editions of Outlook® 2010 and 2007.

You must download SpamBlazer® 2010 editions for all Outlook® 2010 editions and SpamBlazer® 2007 editions for all Outlook® 2007 editions. You cannot have Outlook® 2010 and Outlook® 2007 on the same machine; by the same token, you cannot have SpamBlazer® 2010 and SpamBlazer® 2007 on the same machine.

If you are still running Outlook® 2003 and wants SpamBlazer® 2003, please contact us privately; thanks.

What programming languages were used in the development of SpamBlazer®? C# is the predominant language used in the development of SpamBlazer®; however C++ is used in the implementation of the core algorithms for efficiency sake.
What is the size of SpamBlazer®?

SpamBlazer® is just about 1 megabytes (MB). Although the installation disk/download is 52 megabytes (MB), the additional packages are Microsoft® redistributable packages that are not installed by default by Microsoft® . And this add-in and other add-ins will not run unless these packages are installed on your machine. Rather than installing SpamBlazer® under the presumption that you have the packages on your machine, to be on the safe side, SpamBlazer® installs them for you, if any of the packages is missing. The packages are listed below:

a. Microsoft® NET Framework Version 4.0 Redistributable Package - dotnetFx_Full_x86_x64.exe - 48.1 MB

b. Microsoft® Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime - vstor40_x86.exe - 2.6 MB

How does SpamBlazer® work?

a. SpamBlazer® is not another Bayesian based filter, SpamBlazer® does not use Bayesian techniques for reasons enumerated in weakness of Bayesian filters.

b. SpamBlazer® is the result of years of hard work on research and development in the fields of information theory, neural networks, genetic algorithms, simulating annealing and fuzzy logic. It is a proprietary solution based on these superior technologies.

c. SpamBlazer® inherently captures the dependencies of its independent variables and makes no overly simplifying assumptions in its computations, which is the Achilles heels of Bayesian filters.

What about the privacy and confidentiality of my emails? SpamBlazer® does not maintain or keep the content of your email messages. SpamBlazer® uses complex mathematical functions to transform your messages into internal formats and these mathematical functions are not reversible, so SpamBlazer® fully respects, protects and maintains your privacy and the confidentiality of your email messages.
Do I need additional software and hardware to run SpamBlazer®? a. No. Once you have Microsoft® Outlook® 2010 and 2007 installed on your machines with an appropriate Microsoft® operating system, you are ready to use SpamBlazer®.
Do I need to undertake any manual installation for SpamBlazer®?

a. SpamBlazer® includes pertinent packages - Microsoft® redistributable software - that are not installed on your machines by default by Microsoft®. SpamBlazer® checks for the existence of these packages, if they are missing, SpamBlazer® installs them.

b. SpamBlazer® also takes care of updating your Microsoft® Windows registry; you don't have to be an experienced Microsoft® Windows administrator in order to install SpamBlazer®. Just download the program and select the setup.exe file. You will be using SpamBlazer® in seconds.


Why do you have a life-time guarantee on your products?

We are so confident about all editions of SpamBlazer®, and since it is a learning system, as your data changes all you need to do is to retrain the classifier with new data. We don't believe we should charge our customers for not providing additional service.

Why do your competitors charge annual subscriptions? We don't believe this the right approach, and we are not going to charge you for retraining the classifier, you can do it yourself. We have enumerated the steps involved in retraining the classifier, below. There is no point in you incurring charges when the underlying algorithm is not changed. Our learning system adapts easily to changing nature of spam messages, just retrain the system appropriately.
What is the best way to retrain the classifier? This is an advanced topic; please follow the guidelines below in retraining the classifier. Regardless of what you do, you can always go back to default training set from SpamBlazer®. You can also recoup from your previous trained versions. To retrain the classifier:

a. Create a folder; given it any name, for the sake of this exercise, we call it, Legitimate Training.

b. Create another folder, for the sake of this exercise, we call it, Spam Training.

c. LegitimateTraining contains all the legitimate email messages that would be used as samples in training the classifier.

d. Spam Training contains all the spam email messages that would be used as samples in training the classifier.

e. Populate the LegitimateTraining folder with all legitimate email messages, you want to use in retraining the classifier.

f. Populate the SpamTraining folder with all spam email messages, you want to use in retraining the classifier.

g. It is estimated that 9 out of 10 email messages are spam, for this reason and other technical details, we wouldn't delve into, ensure that samples in the folders reflect this ratio at the very minimum. We recommend that the SpamTraining folder has at least 95% of the total training samples and the rest for LegitimateTraining. You get better results as you have more representative samples to retrain the classifier.

h. Once you have set up the above-mentioned folders, you can execute the training algorithm.
How I Can Reduce the Amount of Spam Messages?
In this section, there are some guidelines that will facilitate the reduction in the number of spam messages that pollute your email inbox:
Email Tips Descriptions
Create a number of email accounts Create private and public email accounts. Use the private email accounts appropriately with closed friends, family members, cohorts, and associates. Use the public email accounts for activities you perform online in public domains, these public email accounts are used in participating in newsgroups, joining contests or anytime that your email is requested by a third party online.

Spammers used the special programs known as spambots to collect email addresses from the Internet to accomplish their illegalities. Spambots are special kind of web crawlers that gather email addresses from new groups, web pages, special interest groups, chat-room conversations, etc. If you are discreet with your private email addresses, your potential for abuses is reduced.
Boycott spam-advertised products Don't patronize spammers by purchasing their merchandizes. You might be vulnerable: your personally identifiable information (name, address, credit card details, phone numbers, email addresses) could be compromised. Spammers share information amongst themselves; you would be inundated with spam.
Avoid using the "remove or reply or click " options Spammers use all kind of subterfuge to establish whether or not an email is live and authentic, since spambots are not intelligent enough to authenticate live email addresses. Spammers include their messages various forms of opt-out option, ignore such emails, SpamBlazer® gives the ability to click a button and the spammer is reported to the constituted authority.
Be creative with your email addresses Avoid using obvious names for your email addresses; spammers use what is called "dictionary attacks" on large ISP, domain names of corporations, institutions by using different permutations of names to generate email names. The more creative you are with your name, the more difficult for spammers to generate your email account. For example, it easier to generate than
Release Note
This section shows the latest updates of SpamBlazer® 2010 for Microsoft® Outlook® 2010 and SpamBlazer® 2007 for Microsoft® Outlook® 2007. Please make sure you retrieve the right updates for your purchased software, you can also click on the links in the "additional features description" column to see the details of the new features before downloading the software.

Please ensure you read the general release notes - - before downloading and installing updates to SpamBlazer® 2010 and SpamBlazer® 2007. Please do not hesitate to contact us at the address on your invoice for further assistance; thanks.
Release Name Additional Feature Description
SpamBlazer® Online Help
SpamBlazer® Online Help

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