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Spam Filter for Outlook
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SpamBlazer® Features:
Client based for complete privacy
SpamBlazer® works on your desktop, laptop, mobile devices (future release), so you do have complete ownership of your messages. Moreover, SpamBlazer® uses proprietary complex mathematical functions that transforms your messages into internal formats, that are not reversible, so your privacy is always respected and maintained.
Simplified Installation
SpamBlazer® self-installs easily, you don't have perform any manual installation. Even missing Microsoft® packages that are not installed by default are detected and installed for you.
Seamlessly integration with Microsoft® Outlook®
SpamBlazer® integrates perfectly with Microsoft® Outlook® with easy access to all its features through its toolbar.
Friendly User Interface
SpamBlazer® strictly follows user interface design principles, allowing you to manage easily your email messages, email details, whitelist, black list, evaluate Outlook® folders, and train SpamBlazer® with new data.
Works with Outlook® and protects compatible email services- IMAP, SSL POP3, Microsoft® Exchange, POP3, Gmail using SSL POP3, AOL email, Yahoo! email and MSN Hotmail
SpamBlazer® is not a replacement for your email client; rather it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft® Outlook® .
Supports approval based management

SpamBlazer® provides tools that:

a. enable you to receive email messages from associates, friends and family members

b. enable you to block emails messages from spammers, enemies, bad IP addresses, domain names, adversary countries

No limit on your email storage or download capacity
SpamBlazer® does not impose size restriction on your messages


Automatic rules extractions, works easily and simply.
You don't have to waste your valuable time writing useless and tedious rules, using and managing complicated filters, SpamBlazer® observes your messages and automatically learns and extracts its own rules just like biological nervous systems learn and adapt to new situations, appropriately.
No need for writing useless and tedious for unknown senders SpamBlazer® provides tools to manage senders from your newsgroups and mailing lists; you don't have to write useless and tedious rules to receive email messages from newsgroups.
Easy to use Help SpamBlazer® provides an easy to use help system, you can easily navigate the help system using F1 and question mark icon
Low price SpamBlazer® is the cost leader in the anti spam software space, it cost you $35 to own outright your copy of SpamBlazer® and you also have life time free updates to your purchased products. There is no gimmicky subscription model, our system adapts to new environments, it learns continuously. Other companies are more interested in ripping you off by selling a subscription model.

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