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Spam Filter for Outlook
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SpamBlazer® a proprietary solution from Pervasive Trust & Privacy Technologies, LLC.

SpamBlazer® is a proprietary solution - an amalgam of information theory, evolutionary programming (neural networks, genetic algorithms, simulated annealing, and fuzzy logic) and security engineering - that overcomes the problems associated with conventional spam filtering technologies. SpamBlazer® is a machine learning technique and it extracts pertinent rules automatically that dictate the legitimacy of an electronic email or otherwise. SpamBlazer® understands the chameleonic nature of spammers and stays ahead of them by incorporating new data into its training set and discarding dated data. SpamBlazer® inherently captures the overlapping trait and interdependency of features, so it is not blighted with problems associated with Bayesian filters.

SpamBlazer® Requirements:
Operating System
Microsoft® Windows 7, Windows Vista™, Windows® XP with Service Pack 3 (SP3), Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2), Windows® 2000, Windows® 98 or Windows® ME (32 bit), or later operating systems
Email Clients
Microsoft® Outlook® 2010 and Microsoft® Outlook® 2007 only. Please contact our technical support for options for Microsoft® Outlook® 2003.
Email Supported

SpamBlazer® supports any email client that supports the following protocol and in particular the clients listed below:

  • IMAP
  • POP3
  • SSL POP3
  • Microsoft® Exchange
  • AOL email
  • Yahoo! Email
  • MSN Hotmail
  • Gmail using SSL POP3
SpamBlazer® Size
Less than 1 megabyte (MB)
32 megabyte (MB) RAM or higher
Hard disk
52 megabyte (MB); most of this space is required for Microsoft® redistributable packages listed below. These packages are not installed by default on certain Windows® based systems; hence SpamBlazer® installs them for you, when the packages are missing.
Microsoft® Additional Redistributable Packages***
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework Version 4.0 Redistributable Package - dotnetFx_Full_x86_x64.exe - 48.1 MB
  • Microsoft® Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime - vstor40_x86.exe - 2.6 MB


These packages are required in order for this add-in and other add-ins to run but Microsoft® does not install them by default. Thus to be on the safe side SpamBlazer® installs them if missing.

SpamBlazer® Datasheet:
Release Notes
Less than 1 megabytes (MB).
Release Date
30th December 2010.
Supported Languages


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